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CardioSource Medical Equipment, Inc. offers a “no-cost” and convenient tie-up solution to make it affordable for our clinic and physician customers to avail of any of our products with no out-of-pocket expenses. Our commitment is to make it easier to avail of equipment needed to diagnose and manage chronic diseases like hypertension, arrhythmias, diabetes, and lung disorders (i.e. COPD; asthma), or identify those at risk for these diseases.

With the prevalence of chronic diseases being at epidemic portions in the Philippines, it can become very costly for healthcare providers (i.e. clinics, hospitals, and physician practices) to afford to purchase this equipment. Therefore, many do not offer the needed diagnostic testing to properly prevent costly complications from occurring. Early detection and prevention, key components of a good healthcare program, are not afforded to many HMO and private patients.

The result is often greater harm to patients, an increase in utilization of costly procedures done in the hospital, and/or ICU setting. Employers then end up paying a higher premium for this increased utilization. The impact to patients, employers, and HMO/private insurance payors is negative and costly.


CardioSource Medical Equipment, Inc. provides a robust medical education program, to clinic and HMO partners, to promote the most current and proven evidence-based medical protocols for diagnosing and cost-effectively managing chronic diseases: hypertension; diabetes; lung disorders (i.e. COPD; Asthma); arrhythmias.

We recognize that it is impossible for clinics and physicians to keep up to date on all of the current evidence-based protocols that can save patients and providers unnecessary expenses from complications.

Therefore, we provide “no-cost” regular training and education with current studies and proven evidence-based medical approaches for management of these chronic diseases. We use reputable sources in the United States and other “first world” countries for the evidence and well-versed local specialists to deliver the message.

Our RTD (roundtable discussion) approach takes into consideration the schedule of the physician and clinic, and adjust the training to fit their needs and schedule.


CardioSource Medical Equipment, Inc. is experienced at developing customized marketing plans, aligned with the goals of HMO and clinic partners, at no cost, to ensure that we manage the unique goals of all stakeholders (HMO/private insurance; clinic and physicians; employer; patients and their family).

Our team understands the delicate balance of the HMOs concern for managing utilization, the clinic and physicians’ concern for offering the most comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic options, along with the employers need to control cost, yet maintain a healthy workforce through proven wellness and prevention techniques.

CardioSource Medical Equipment, Inc. prides itself on focusing on those disease states that cost the most money for managing the associated complications. By doing so, it allows us to more easily balance the needs of all stakeholders.

Hypertension and diabetes are 2 diseases that cost the most money to manage due to the severity and frequency of complications associated with each. This is why we focus many of our marketing and educational efforts with these two chronic diseases. Alternatively, the lung disorder of COPD is also in the top 10 of killers in the Philippines, and we are focusing more here as well.