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1. What brand of ultrasound equipment do you provide?

GE; Philips; Mindray

2. What brand of ultrasound equipment do you provide?

Tek; Contec; SibelMed

3. How much is your equipment?

Almost 100% of customers take advantage of our tie-up program and revenue share with zero cost to them

4. Who is responsible for maintaining the equipment you provide?

CardioSoure Medical Equipment, Inc

5. What are the costs to your customers for taking advantage of your availments?

Zeros cost via tie-up program, but equipment can be purchased if desired

6. Is there a limit to the number of ultrasound equipment, ABPM, holters, spirometers, etc.. that a customer can avail of?

No limit, as long as the need and demand is present

7. Is there a contract to be signed to work with your company and products?

Yes, a contract is required (minimum of 3 years)

8. What types of medications are provided with in-clinic pharmacy tie-up program?

a. Any medications you can find in major pharmacies are available

b. Available as generic medications to keep cost down

c. The in-clinic pharmacy is through Zurex.