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Founder and CEO of CardioSource Medical Equipment, Inc. is an American expat, Gerald L. White. One of his cornerstones of a successful strategic approach to growth is introducing a focused medical education campaign to fill gaps in the way at-risk patients are diagnosed and managed, to align proven evidenced-based approaches from first world countries.

Mr. White and his wife, Aliona T. White currently reside in Metro Manila with their 3 children, all of whom are in school locally; Aliona serves as the Business Development Manager and a key board member.

Mr. White honed his leadership skills and business acumen as a United States Marine Corps Officer, and medical device sales and pharmaceuticals. He worked his way through the ranks of pharmaceuticals through various positions (sales; HMO and government accounts; training; marketing; and various sales leadership positions and departments) to fully understand the integrated healthcare system (hospitals; clinics; physician practices; patient matters; pharmacy role; and insurance/HMO roles and partnering). After more than 16 years in the medical device and pharmaceutical corporate roles, he decided to become an entrepreneur and start a medical device business internationally.