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World Hypertension Day – Be responsible and monitor your BP

High blood pressure or hypertension causes multiple life-threatening problems and is described as the number one killer disease in the world. It is also called the silent killer as it creeps in slowly without the knowledge of a person and either kills or impairs the quality of life in later stages.

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Nighttime, 24-Hour BP Readings Have Strongest Link to Poor Outcomes

When using blood pressure values to assess a patient’s long-term risk of dying or having a cardiovascular event, nighttime and 24-hour readings from ambulatory blood-pressure monitoring (ABPM) appear to have the best predictive value, a population-based study shows.

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Worrying trend as check ups drop off during pandemic

The poll conducted among 40 general practitioners comparing the number of consultations in May to previous years shows a worrying trend that could be putting thousands of lives at risk.While many with minor ailments may be staying away as a result of the lockdown, the poll shows that even those with life-threatening illnesses are forgoing regular check-ups.

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